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Root rot is an insidious disease that affects trees in a slow, creeping manner. Moreover, Virginia’s hot, humid summers and forested environs create an ideal climate for Phytophthora root rot. Thus, you should study what this condition entails, how it spreads from tree to tree, and how you can save afflicted trees. Turn to your local tree care service for tree trimming and diagnostics to keep your trees healthy.

Timber Works Tree Care offers such services in and around Middleburg, VA. A licensed and certified company, we aim to protect you and your property from tree diseases and infestations. We can inspect and address diverse tree care issues for both home- and business owners throughout the area. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 for a free project estimate

Below, we provide insight on Phytophthora root rot, a tree disease common to Virginia:

What Is Phytophthora?

Phytophthora is a fungus-like organism, classified as an oomycete, which can plague tree roots. These organisms can thrive in soil without a host, yet they attack plant and tree roots in warm, damp soil—optimal conditions for rot. As root rot sets in, affected trees lose water, nutrients, and carbohydrates.

The Effects of Phytophthora

After infesting a tree’s roots, Phytophthora can cause collar rot, which affects the lowest portion of the tree’s trunk (giving rise to the condition’s name). The rotted area turns soft and damp, becoming vulnerable to lesions. 

Infected trees produce small twigs and small, yellow leaves that reduce overall canopy size. Parts of the tree may begin to die as rot kills roots, and trees infected with phytophthora root rot will perish after a few years without treatment. Additionally, the condition can spread from tree to tree through contaminated soil.

Saving Affected Trees

Affected trees that have some healthy roots can often be saved from phytophthora. To spare rotted roots, one must allow the surrounding soil to dry. Steam and fumigation may also help in some cases. Fungicides can help mitigate the spread of phytophthora to other trees, but they usually fail to save affected trees. 

Your local tree service can assess your trees for signs of root rot, including excessive soil dampness, dry leaves, diminished growth, and soft tissue at their base. In severe cases, affected trees may require tree rot removal to prevent the fungus from spreading to surrounding trees. Moreover, have your local tree service conduct regular tree inspections to prevent the spread of fungal tree diseases. 

Experienced Tree Trimming Services in Middleburg, VA

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Turn to Timber Works Tree Care for professional tree trimming services in Middleburg, VA. We provide tree maintenance, tree pruning, and a variety of other care services. Our team is dedicated to cautious tree care and careful communication. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 for a free estimate!

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