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Colorful trees are a staple of the fall months. Their beautiful array of red, orange, and yellow makes the cooler weather bearable. If you’re a landowner in Northern Virginia who wants to add trees to your landscape this fall, consider scarlet oaks, pin oaks, shagbark hickories, and more options we outline. Your local tree care company can help you determine the best types of trees for your yard, plant them, and treat them for rot and other Virginia tree diseases

Timber Works Tree Care is the leader in high-quality tree care for White Post, VA, residents. We strive to provide affordable and dependable tree service to our clients on every project while raising the bar for safety, professionalism, and work quality across the industry. From forestry mulching to tree trimming, we strive to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to get a free project estimate today!

Below, we discuss the 5 best trees for beautiful fall colors:

Red Maple

Red maples’ name comes from their red flowers, fruit, twigs, and fall foliage. Now considered one of the most stereotypical fall trees, red maples can grow up to 90 feet tall! They hit their stride in autumn, and their leaves range from scarlet to burnt orange to bright yellow.

Red maples’ eye-catching colors make them an easy purchase for anyone looking to spruce up their landscape this fall. They also tolerate diverse habitat conditions and soil types but prefer deep, moist, acidic soil.

Scarlet Oak & Pin Oak

Scarlet and pin oaks maintain some of the most beautiful colors throughout fall, so it’s good they—like most oak trees—are native to Northern Virginia! Unlike the other oak trees in the area, scarlet and pin oaks’ leaves turn bright red before falling off.

These species can grow 80 feet tall, enjoy spacious landscapes, and flourish in varying soils. Scarlet oaks prefer well-drained to dry soil; pin oaks lean toward the opposite. Consider one of these two if you want a sea of rich red leaves in your yard.

Contact your local tree care company for tree rot removal services if you notice such an affliction on your new fall trees. You need not worry about rot on your beautiful fall trees when you have a tree maintenance company available!

Shagbark Hickory

Tree Care White Post VA

Bitternut, swamp, pignut, and mockernut hickories are a few of the vibrant hickory tree species native to Northern Virginia. However, the shagbark hickory tops them all by boasting gorgeous yellow leaves in the fall.

Shagbarks can grow up to 80 feet tall and even produce nuts, a favorite food source for wildlife in the fall. The species is unique in that, while its foliage catches eyes during the fall, its shaggy bark is also a lovely sight in the winter. However, take care when planting your next shagbark, as its nuts will rain onto the ground.

Choosing tree species for your yard presents a difficult task. The interrelated considerations—the sunlight available, the maintenance that each tree requires, and what would look best in your landscape—can be best handled by professionals. Timber Works Tree Care’s team of arborists can also answer any other questions you might have.

American Hornbeam

The smallest of the trees listed here, the American hornbeam comes in at 35 feet at its tallest, with most growths petering out at 20 feet. However, hornbeams make an excellent shrub or hedge if trimmed by an expert. Homeowners with a small yard should consider this fall tree in particular!

Its branches and twigs may turn and twist as they grow, giving the landscape a neat visual element. The blue-green leaves also turn shades of yellow and orange with a scarlet tinge. The tree even produces seeds for birds and squirrels to enjoy!

Black Walnut

Last but not least, the black walnut. While best known for its timber and walnuts, this tree species is also a gorgeous addition to any lawn. It can reach from 50 to 90 feet and stay relatively narrow—perfect for tight spaces! Still, it prefers deep, well-drained soil—landowners with small urban yards and compact soil might want to steer clear of this variety.

Their rich green leaves change into dazzling bright yellows during fall. However, black walnut trees secrete a chemical called juglone that prevents other species from growing around them. Call your local tree care specialist if you notice your trees are dying, and they can determine the best course to take with your black walnut trees.

Affordable Tree Care for Your New Fall Trees in White Post, VA

Fall is a season of change, so why not change the trees in your yard by adding a black walnut or red maple? With Timber Works Tree Care, you can place tree maintenance in our care. We are a tree care company with a wide range of services, including forestry mulching, stump grinding, and more. White Post, VA, residents can rest assured that we guarantee to complete our projects to their satisfaction. To learn more about our comprehensive tree services, contact us at (540) 692-9606.

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