A Beginner’s Guide: How to Identify Trees

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Alongside their essential role in our environment, trees are fascinating organisms that come in diverse forms. Learning how to identify trees can deepen your appreciation for nature and even help with wildlife habitat improvement programs. You can also build your sense of each species’ quirks and care needs—when they bloom, how much water they require, […]

How Mulch & Compost Help the Environment


Mulch and compost have a reputation for beautifying landscapes and protecting garden beds. Yet they also offer numerous environmental benefits to soil, agriculture, air, water, and the climate. These materials come from recycled, organic compounds, many of which appear on many properties as vegetation and plant overgrowth. To observe World Nature Conservation Day on July […]

5 Common Signs of Tree Rot

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Responsible landowners should have some basic tree knowledge, including the symptoms of tree rot. After all, a rotting tree poses a safety hazard to anything near it. If you identify the signs of tree rot early and enlist professional services, you may save that tree, or—at the very least—you can have it removed before it […]

Effects of Cherry and Black Walnut Trees on Horses

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Cherry (Prunus) and black walnut (Juglans nigra) trees offer enjoyable beauty and bounty to property owners. However, each poses a deadly threat to horses: cherry trees can cause serious illness while black walnuts may inflame horse tissue. If you own horses, or they dwell on your property, hire a professional tree service to remove these […]

Tree Structure Evaluation

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At any stage of its life, a tree may develop structural issues that—given enough time—could injure or kill it. For this reason, you should have regular tree structure evaluations performed. An arborist can assess root problems, disease and decay, damaged or dead limbs, and cracks that present a threat to the tree’s health. Moreover, a […]

How Forestry Mulching Helps to Conserve the Environment

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At times, land clearing is necessary to create more usable space or to thin a forested area’s overgrowth. Within the realm of land clearing, forestry mulching is a sustainable technique that provides erosion control, moisture retention, and weed prevention. If you wish for these benefits on your land, hire forestry mulching professionals to deliver high-quality […]

Why is my Tree Shedding its Bark?

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We have a lot more in common with trees than you might expect. For instance, bark falls from trees like skin cells fall off people. But trees that demonstrate several unhealthy symptoms and shed bark excessively may have a health problem or disease. Normal growth, extreme weather, insufficient moisture, and disease/decay can all cause unhealthy […]

10 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Own Trees


Just like human beings, trees also need rejuvenation from time to time. Hence, trimming trees is an essential practice for all homeowners. It not only ensures the long-term health of your trees but also makes your landscape appear neat and appealing. However, trimming trees is not as easy as it sounds. There is an art […]

Estate Clearing

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Compared to other properties, estates require a greater degree of upkeep. Thus, estate property owners need more extensive landscaping and tree care services to ensure their grounds are properly maintained. And in this, the best method is effective land clearing from seasoned professionals such as Timber Works.  Timber Works Tree Care has worked for years […]

Summer Tree Care Tips

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Given proper management and care, your trees can flourish during the summer months. But what practices qualify as such? Trees around Nokesville, VA, benefit most from suitable watering and pruning, mulching, and more. Happily, our professional tree care service offers all of these options.  So, reach out to Timber Works Tree Care. An insured and […]

July Tip of The Month: As we enter Summer and trees should be lush with green leaves and growing strongly, watch out for pre-fall coloring. Leaves turning brown early in July could be a sign of sickness and infection, have your trees checked out early to avoid problems with Storms. Learn More.

June Tip of The Month: This Summer we are seeing a spread of Gypsy Moths and Caterpillars everywhere! Learn More.